Weirdest Things That Were on Sale at Amazon

Written By: editorial team Last Updated: 19:05, 6 August 2023

In the vast realm of e-commerce, Amazon has become the go-to marketplace for virtually anything one could desire.
From books and electronics to groceries and clothing, the online giant seems to offer it all.

However, amidst the sea of conventional products that appear on sales like Amazon Prime Day, there are some peculiar and downright bizarre items that have found their way onto the virtual shelves of Amazon.
In this article, we will dive into the depths of the strangest merchandise ever offered for sale on the platform, revealing the quirky and mind-boggling world of Amazon’s oddest offerings.

1. Alien Abduction Insurance 👽

Imagine insuring yourself against an event that is highly improbable, if not impossible.
Well, Amazon once had you covered with Alien Abduction Insurance policies. For a modest fee, customers could secure themselves against the prospect of being whisked away by extraterrestrial beings.

Though one could argue that the odds of such an incident occurring are infinitesimally small, it didn't deter curious and imaginative buyers from considering this out-of-this-world coverage.

2. Uranium Ore ☢️

While it may sound like something out of a science fiction movie, Amazon was once a platform that allowed individuals to purchase uranium ore.

uranium ore on amazon

Yes, you read that correctly—actual radioactive material. Despite concerns and debates regarding the legality and safety of selling such substances, listings for small samples of uranium ore managed to make their way onto the website.

Fortunately, these listings were later removed, but not before stirring up controversy and raising eyebrows.

3. A Human Skeleton 🦴

For those with eccentric taste in home decor, Amazon presented an opportunity to acquire a genuine human skeleton.
These anatomical specimens, primarily intended for educational purposes, became available for purchase at one point, prompting a mix of fascination and bewilderment.


While it's essential to note that these skeletons were obtained through legal means, the thought of having a fully articulated human skeleton as a conversation piece in one's living room may strike some as peculiar.

4. Canned Unicorn Meat 🦄

Unicorns, often depicted as mythical creatures, became the subject of a tongue-in-cheek product listing on Amazon.
The whimsical item, called "Canned Unicorn Meat," contained a plush unicorn toy packed in an amusingly labeled can.


Marketed as a delicious source of sparkles, rainbows, and magic, this peculiar product showcased the humorous side of Amazon's marketplace, appealing to those who appreciate a dash of enchantment in their lives.
Unicorn meat
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5. Nicolas Cage Pillowcase 🛏️ - Our Top Pick

Celebrity-themed merchandise is not uncommon, but an entire pillowcase adorned with the face of actor Nicolas Cage takes fandom to a whole new level. Dubbed the "Cage Face Pillowcase," this peculiar item enabled Cage enthusiasts to rest their weary heads on the visage of their beloved actor.


A testament to the diverse array of products available on Amazon, this pillowcase stands as a quirky testament to the platform's capability to cater to niche interests.

Nicolas Cage Pillowcase
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Amazon, the colossal marketplace that revolutionized online shopping, has become renowned for offering almost anything one could fathom.
However, it is the inclusion of truly bizarre and peculiar products that has added an element of surprise and amusement to the platform.

From alien abduction insurance to inflatable toast, Amazon's marketplace has showcased the intriguing and unexpected, reminding us of the extraordinary diversity of consumer interests.

While some of these peculiar items may have disappeared from the platform over time, the spirit of curiosity and oddity remains alive, enticing us to explore the countless wonders that the world's largest online retailer has to offer.